Marathon Fl Fishing Charters

Marathon FL fishing charters offer all kinds of fishing experiences for anglers interested in Florida Keys fishing. Marathon is known for its explosive tarpon fishing, which is excellent on the flats and in certain channels. Offshore fishing here is also top-notch. Offshore there is the Marathon hump which attracts all kinds of feeding fish as well as the nearby Gulfstream, which harbors the largest species. Marathon fishing charters are also available closer inshore and on the reef. Wherever you prefer to fish in the waters surrounding Marathon, you have access to an amazing variety of species of all sizes and fighting capability. Our Marathon FL fishing charters truly offer an unforgettable experience for anglers of every skill level.

Marathon Fl Fishing Charters: Offshore

Most of the offshore or deep sea fishing in Marathon FL takes place in the Gulfstream or along Marathon’s West Hump, known simply as the Marathon Hump. Deep dropping offshore can produce a variety of fish, including blackfin tuna, amberjack, tilefish, snapper, or grouper. Trolling these locations will allow us to catch the faster-moving fish like dolphin, sailfish, and wahoo.

Offshore: Fish the Marathon Hump

The Marathon Hump is roughly a twenty mile trip from shore and is one of the favored Marathon fishing spots because, for the most part, it is very productive. The Gulf Stream’s steady easterly flow creates an upwelling along the steep rise from a depth of 100 feet up to the Hump at 480 feet. The bait fish swarm the nutrient-rich water and the larger pelagic fish follow. The feeding frenzy includes sea birds such as the frigate bird, a telltale sign that dinner is being served.

Aboard one of our Marathon Fl fishing charters to the Hump, you will likely catch species ranging from blackfin tuna to amberjack to mako sharks. On occasion, marlin, dolphin & sailfish have been caught there, though typically the primary targets are tuna and AJs, with bonito rounding out the day. Regardless, any of them will provide an exciting light-tackle fight!

Blackfin Tuna Fishing

blackfin tuna is still pound-for-pound one of the most powerful fish you can catch

One of our favorite species to target at the Marathon Hump is blackfin tuna. They are powerful, strong-swimming & hard-fighting fish that are a blast to hook up. They feed in schools near the surface and voraciously hit almost any bait, which makes for an action-filled day of fishing. Smaller than its yellow fin and bluefin cousins, the blackfin tuna is still pound-for-pound one of the most powerful fish you can catch in the Florida Keys.

It’s not unheard of to catch a 30 pounder while blackfin tuna fishing at the Marathon Hump, though single-digit weights are more typical. What they lack in size, they sure make up for in strength and numbers. Interestingly enough, the Keys hold the world record for the species, with a 45 lb 8 oz blackfin caught in 1996 in Key West.

Offshore: Gulfstream Fishing

Gulfstream fishing is some of the most exciting Florida Keys fishing you can do if big game fish are what you are after. Deep water pelagics (fish that roam the open ocean) such as dolphin (mahi mahi), sailfish, and wahoo are frequently found in the Gulfstream’s deep, warm, and clear waters. You can catch any one of these incredible species and many others aboard one of our offshore Marathon FL fishing charters to the Gulfstream, provided they are in season. The following descriptions explain in more detail the types of fishing you can expect to experience fishing the Gulfstream.

Dolphin Fishing (Mahi Mahi)

During the summer months we head to the warm water of the Gulfstream to troll for dolphin. More often than not, you end up catching your limit of dolphin, if not a couple 30+ pound cows or bulls aboard one of our Marathon FL fishing charters. Dolphin are the fastest growing fish in the ocean, plus they like to swim and feed together, which both make for a fast-action Gulfstream fishing experience. The larger dolphin definitely put up a heck of a fight that will put your endurance to the test. Whatever the size, dolphin make one of the absolute best fresh-caught meals you can find while fishing the Florida Keys.

Sailfish Fishing

catching your first sailfish is something you never forget

Winter in the Florida Keys means time for sailfish fishing. Honored as the official saltwater fish of the state of Florida, these fast-moving, beautiful, and challenging fish are quite the catch. They have the distinction of being the fastest fish in the ocean, topping out at speeds up to 75 miles per hour. They are trickier to catch than dolphin for the novice angler, and a prized target for the experienced.

Whatever your skill level now, catching your first sailfish is something you never forget. Their aerial acrobatics, ‘tailwalking’, stamina, speed and unmatched beauty make sailfish fishing a one-of-a-kind experience. Our Marathon FL fishing charters will take you to the Gulfstream where these incredible billfish can be caught feeding on ballyhoo.

Wahoo Fishing

experience a drag-screaming run that puts all other fish to shame

Wahoo are another pelagic fish that provide a fast-action & fun fight while Gulfstream fishing in the Florida Keys. They are normally caught incidentally while fishing for sailfish or dolphin, but they are definitely a fish worth targeting in their own right. Though not as prolific as dolphin, their power, speed, and often their size make up for what they lack in numbers.

There is almost nothing that can pull line off the reel like a big wahoo. Cruising at speeds of at least 60 miles per hour, they are almost as fast as sailfish. Hook one and you’ll experience a drag-screaming run that puts all other fish to shame. Get it on the boat and you’ll see one of the coolest patterned fish around, plus have what’s considered one of the best-tasting fish in the ocean. Come wahoo fishing aboard one of our Marathon FL fishing charters and add check this species off your bucket list of fish to catch.

Marathon Fl Fishing Charters: Inshore & Reef

Fishing charters inshore and on the reef in Marathon provide anglers with excellent fishing for a wide variety of species, many of them a great catch for dinner. Expect to find all kinds of snapper, including mutton, yellowtail, and mangrove, as well as varieties of grouper, plus mackerel and barracuda. The action is plentiful, the run to get there is quick, and the area is normally sheltered from offshore turbulence on a less-than-perfect day. These reasons make reef or inshore fishing a great choice for families spending time together on the water, as well as for novice anglers.

The chances of hooking up frequently don’t get any better than reef fishing. You’ll be fishing in waters running from roughly 5 to 60 feet deep, depending on the area and the bite. Often, larger mutton snapper and grouper will come in to the patch reefs to feed on bait schools, while resident yellowtail snapper are a dependable staple. In any case, before you head out on one of our Marathon FL fishing charters to the reef, make sure you’ve got a propane tank ready for the grill, because there will be no shortage of fish for dinner.