Duck Key Fishing Charters

Anglers experience year-round world class fishing on some of the Florida Keys’ best fishing grounds on our Duck Key fishing charters.

Conveniently located near Hawks Cay Marina & Resort

Whether you want to go big & spend the day catching swordfish, or you want to catch a variety like tuna, dolphin, and grouper, we’ll take you to our time-tested and prized Duck Key fishing spots.

With the Gulf Stream just offshore, and the nearby underwater mountains known as the Marathon Hump rich with sea life, get ready for some of your best fishing. Nearby wrecks, as well as Tennessee Reef and Alligator Reef also provide an abundance of fish to target while on Duck Key fishing charters.

With our unique location to all of these fishing grounds, plus easy access to the Gulf, your Duck Key fishing charter can be tailored to be the experience of a lifetime. We’ll take you offshore, inshore, to the Gulf, wrecks, or reef –wherever it takes – to find the action you want & make fishing Duck Key a vacation experience to remember.

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Blackfin Tuna

If you want a full-speed, action-packed day on the water, then an offshore tuna fishing charter is for you. Pound for pound, tuna are the most powerful fighting fish you’ll hook, even more than their billfish brethren. We take our Duck Key fishing charters out to the Marathon Hump, where the blackfin tuna abound. Tuna not only makes for a fun day of fishing, but an excellent dinner!

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Once dolphin are hooked, they light up like no fish you have ever seen

Some of the most exciting fun you can have on one of our Duck Key fishing charters is dolphin fishing. We’ll take you trolling offshore to hook into the action on this speedy, strong, and acrobatic fish. Once they’re hooked, they’ll light up like no fish you have ever seen, shifting bright shades of gold, blue, and green. They put up a great fight, and do so in numbers, so be prepared for them to wear you out. Some say there’s no better fish locally to end up on your dinner plate!

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Tarpon

nothing will get your adrenaline pumping like the acrobatics of a hooked tarpon

For many visitors, fishing Duck Key is all about catching tarpon. From Duck Key we can take morning or evening tarpon trips to nearby bridges and flats which provide some of the most active tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys.

There’s almost nothing like watching the acrobatics of a hooked tarpon to get your adrenaline pumping – except for the moment it runs and peels the line off of your reel. The largest of the Florida tarpon can weigh as much as 250 pounds and are 8 feet long, which explains why they are known for their fighting prowess. Take one of our Duck Key tarpon fishing charters and experience the thrill for yourself!

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Daytime Swordfishing

Experience the thrill of catching swordfish in the new and evolving sport of daytime swordfishing. It’s nothing like your father’s swordfishing! The swordfish feeding grounds favored by the best fishermen in the Keys are located just off Duck Key. We’ll go offshore deep-dropping to the depths where they feed during the daylight. Hook into one and you’ll have the chance to witness spectacular jumps from this powerful fighting fish on one of our Duck Key fishing charters.

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Offshore

An offshore fishing charter out of Duck Key will hook you into many kinds of fish, depending on the experience you are after. We’ll go all-day swordfishing if you want a once-in-a-lifetime big game fishing experience. Or, we can do a combined trip and head to the Marathon humps for blackfin tuna, then go trolling for dolphin or wahoo. If you want to get some nice-sized grouper and snapper, plus amberjack and tilefish we can go deep-dropping.

In season, there’s the option to go after sailfish and marlin, too. We’ve spent years choosing our favorite Duck Key fishing spots just so we can put you on the fish. With all the variety and our optimal location, our offshore Duck Key fishing charters are the ticket to hard-fighting fishing action on your Florida Keys vacation.

Duck Key Fishing Charters: Inshore/Reef

Inshore and Reef fishing charters off Duck Key will hook you up with a great variety of fun-to-catch fish, from snook to snapper, grouper, mackerel and cobia. Spotted trout, mangrove snapper, goliath grouper, and even sharks round out the list of species you can catch. Many of the fish you’ll catch on the reef and inshore will not only provide a fun fight, but will fill up the cooler and make a delicious dinner, too!

Anglers of all levels of experience will have the opportunity to catch an abundance of fish and have fun doing it at our plentiful Duck Key fishing spots. Our inshore/reef Duck Key fishing charters are the way to make your vacation a non-stop fishing adventure.

Family Fun: Snorkeling and Fishing Duck Key

During your family’s Duck Key vacation, there’s no better way to bring everyone together for some fun than a day on the water. Our children loved growing up on the Florida Keys water – that’s why we offer Family Fun charters doing everything from snorkeling to fishing Duck Key and the surrounding area. From eco-tours in search of varieties of fish, birds and pods of dolphin to sunset cruises, to snorkeling adventures, there is something for every family member.

If your family enjoys swimming with fish, a snorkeling trip around the lively reefs are the way to go. They’ll see all kinds of sea life from snapper to barracuda and even the chance of green turtles and rays. Or for the fishing type, we can hang out inshore and on the reefs where the fishing is abundant, fast-paced, and exciting for all ages. Children have said they enjoy our Family Fun Duck Key fishing charters more than almost any other part of their vacation!

Duck Key Fishing Spots

People often ask: ‘where are the best Duck Key fishing spots?’ Well if we could tell you where they are then they wouldn’t be so special, would they? We’re just kidding, and the truth is, many of the fish are migratory or prefer transient features like weed lines and floating debris, but there are some spots that have proven themselves to us time and again. We can’t give you our best Duck Key fishing spots, but, book a charter with us and we’ll certainly put you on them!

We are conveniently located in Duck Key, near Hawks Cay Marina & Resort.